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Paragliding Training Courses

Paragliding Courses…

We offer a variety of courses of different length. The four day shorter “Elementary Course” can count towards the “Club Pilot” course if you decide you want to continue learning to fly.
Theory of flight is as important as flying & we value a lot on that. All of necessary theory is provided by giving slide presentations, showing videos and giving material to read, to build a complete perceptive of the sport.

Elementary Courses…

The focal idea of the Elementary Course is to provide the foundation for enjoyable and safe flying. With a very close contact with your instructor we ensure that you rise above inborn worries of altitude and motion.

We are very flexible and absolutely understand that individuals have certain reservations when they begin to be trained in this sport. We always are there for a patient hearing to clear your questions and never dash you through the course just for the sake of it. During training we practise all the skills required for solo flying, including ridge soaring and thermalling techniques. We also integrate tandem flight training if required.
In the course you will gain an understanding of :

  • Essential flight skills and safety awareness.

  • Introduction to paragliding equipment and checks.

  • Progression to short solo flights.

  • First big solo flight.

  • Development of your sense of height, speed and distance.

  • Alpine and cross brake reverse launch techniques.

By the end of the course, students should be able to do the following unassisted :

  • Co-ordinated turns.

  • Good controlled launches.

  • Confident site assessments.

  • Safe and sensible landings.

No previous experience is needed!
All necessary flying equipment and safety is provided!

Club Pilot…

Now that you have discovered the passion of flying, we will train you how to move among the best of pilots. Our Club Pilot Program takes you from the first day to a level of experience where you are capable and qualified to make your own flight decisions.

Before starting the course you will make a demo flight from the training hill to direct us for your previous experience and where to focus on your further training. We take great pride that our course is entirely complete in the area, and that our graduated students consistently reflect this fact.

In the course you will gain an understanding of :

  • Flights from the high mountain.

  • Practising big ears and landing on alternative fields.

  • Developing skills of active flying in turbulent conditions.

By the end of the course, students should be able to do the following unassisted :

  • Big Ears Descent technique.

  • 360º Turns.

  • Utilising Thermalling.

  • Good Pitch Control.

  • Soaring and using accelerator systems.

Next level – Progression to SIV course…

If you haven’t yet decided whether or not paragliding is for you, why not come along for a day taster course, or take a tandem flight with one of our experienced tandem pilots??? (Details for the same can be provided on phone or write to us.)


THEPARAGLIDING.COM is, above all, dedicated to your safety and providing a supportive learning environment throughout your course. Having two instructors allows you to transition through your course whilst being supported at every stage. For example on your first high glides we will have one instructor assisting your launch and guiding you every step of the way, via radio, to get you comfortably in the air.

The other instructor will guide you through the landing phase to get you safely back on the ground.
We use only top of the notch equipment for your training conforming to current safety standards and strictly encourage the use of extra safety precautions.

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